Nada - The Aspiring Doctor
Nada - The Aspiring Doctor
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Nada - The Aspiring Doctor
Nada - The Aspiring Doctor
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Nada - The Aspiring Doctor

Nada is an 8-year-old third grader who has big dreams of someday becoming a doctor. Her dream most likely resulted from a tragedy, as dreams can do, when Nada was severely burned 4 years ago as a result of gas canister exploding and literally blowing her home apart.

The Story

It was a typical morning in the Nada's family household in Waraq district. Nada’s older brother went into the kitchen to pack his sandwiches for school. Suddenly a loud explosion shook their home and blew the wall of the house to pieces, throwing Nada’s younger brother into the street. It was the gas canister exploding and inflicting 3rd degree burns on the entire family including little Nada who was still sleeping. Nada and her family were hospitalized for a full month with burns in various parts of their bodies; Nada’s burns extended from her neck to her arms and legs. During this time the community in which they lived came together and helped rebuild their house, however these neighbors were not ready to integrate the family back into their lives and they still suffer to-date from social exclusion due to the apparent scars and burn marks, which are plainly visible. In fact, even their relatives have excluded them from attending family functions such as weddings, etc. and rarely visit. Nada’s father was working as an electrician in a private school at the time of the incident and due to his 1-month hospitalization was let go with only 2 months compensation. In addition to the social exclusion, Nada’s family now has no disposable income.



Nada studies and goes to school despite all these challenges, for in fact she has big dreams for her future. Nada dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up and when the mesa7araty passes by during the holy month of Ramadan to wake her up and calls out to her “Nada wake up” she responds with “I’m Dr. Nada!”. Nada’s life and future can be helped or hindered based on the treatment of her burns. Successful treatment could be the key to her future and to realizing her dreams.

The Solution

Ahl Masr will provide Nada with the surgical and psychological intervention needed to enable her full recovery and allow her to embrace life again. Nada’s interventions will target 2 operations, surgery for burns on her back, surgery for burns on chest and arm. In addition, Post-Op treatment includes medication, ointment, creams, etc. will be provided along with psychological sessions.



You can play an essential role in several ways

  • Contribute: With your contribution, Ahl Masr will provide the necessary medical interventions to change the lives of burn victims.
  • Share this page: with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Email and help us spread the word among the largest number of people.



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2015 / 07 / 21
Update No. 2
بمساعدتكم وفرنا لندى تكاليف علاجها

The best gift is to make a difference in someone’s life.

Thanks to those who donated to Nada, with your support we raised 25,000 EGP and she is now ready to start her recovery journey and hopefully fulfill her dream of becoming a Doctor.

Stay tuned for updates on Nada’s road to recovery...

2015 / 07 / 14
Update No. 1
شكراً لمساهمتكم

Thanks to everyone who donated to Nada's first surgery!! Nada has one more surgery to fund for.

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