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Beit el Baraka Project
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Beit el Baraka Project
Beit el Baraka Project
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Beit el Baraka Project
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The Current Situation

Ezbet El Haggana is located on the eastern edge of Nasr City with a population exceeding one million citizens, most of whom are working as laborers, craftsmen and owners of car repair workshops. The area suffers from a lack of many basic services such as clean drinking water, sanitation, electricity, transportation, medical and educational services. In addition, residents suffer from lack of adequate housing that merely maintains the most basic human needs. Usually a family of six people inhabit a room about 10 square meters which was built in a primitive way. Having a kitchen or bathroom that ensures privacy in those homes is often considered a far-fetched dream. The region ’ s lack of urban planning has resulted in poor sanitary conditions, the deterioration of the urban environment, traffic congestion and lack of internal mobility.


Beit El Baraka Project

Beit El Baraka Project aims to provide interest-free loans to build safe and suitable housing for the residents of Ezbet El Haggana. The Project seeks to improve the living conditions of the community and the health of its residentsthrough a participatory approach with local residents.



Project Details

The project provides interest-free loans to finance the building of the house, which is built by the foundation. The family then repays the majority of the loan through monthly installments that are agreed upon based on the family’s income.

Families are selected according to specific criteria, the most important of which is that they have a good reputation, additionally that they are a large-sized family, that they have proof of land ownership, that they have a steady source of monthly income, that they have electricity and water meters and are connected to the waste management system. These criteria are important as they indicate that the land is officially and legally registered with required authorities and that residents are legitimate owners.

Once selected, beneficiaries participate in the architectural design of the building to ensure the needs of the family are fulfilled. Additionally The Foundation provides vocational training in various trades and professions for unemployed family members of targeted households to elevate their skills and employment opportunities to facilitate repayment of loan installments.


Our Target

  • To improve psychological and physical health caused by poor quality of housing.
  • To enhance self-confidence and increase the sense of security and stability amongst residents.
  • To return a sense of hope and optimism and motivate residents to work harder as they strive to build housing for themselves and their children, thereby securing their family’s future.
  • To increase cultural awareness, which stimulates interest of family members to seek education and can lead to improved academic results for children due to better living conditions at home.
  • To shift the overall social relationship amongst locals as there will be a newfound sense of respect, dignity and self-esteem as they become self-reliant.


Details of the project

Three families were selected for this phase of the project. Our target is to secure the seed capital needed to build their homes during Ramadan.


Home 1

Om Samah

Number of family members 8



Home 2

Mr. Ramadan

Number of family members 9



Home 3

Mr. Rajab

Number of family members 6




Emarat Al Insan Foundation

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Hala Mohie Eldin
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