What does Madad do?

Madad is an online platform that helps connect donors with sustainable development projects, in a wide array of causes like poverty, education, health, environment, women, and children- all components of the UN Millennium Development goals. Madad offers donors a gateway to financially support these projects, allowing NGOs to focus on what they do best and for donors a means to track the use of the donations and the execution of the projects.

How is Madad different?

Through Madad’s state of the art platform, we seeks to provide a directory of high impact sustainable development projects appealing to different donors’ preferences, a means to track and monitor NGOs projects in executing the projects once funds are collected.


We are different in many ways, like:

  • Identifying projects through a rigorous selection process
  • Create audio and visual promotional material to use in marketing selected projects
  • Showcase projects on Madad online portal and promote them in social media
  • Provide various donation channels to projects and deliver the donation to respective NGOs
  • Monitor Project progress via photography/films and report progress to donors
  • Allow donors to track their donation record

What is Madad mission?

Support the development of Egypt in a sustainable and strategic manner, redirect funds from simple charity to sustainable development causes that will have a long term impact on the development of the country and ultimately to promote transparency and accountability within the civil society sector.

Who can use Madad website?

Anyone can use the Madad website. People who want to learn of various development projects happening on the ground or just simply learn about sustainable development causes.

Who can submit a project?

Any established organization under Egyptian law 84/2002 can apply. After the organization completes our application form, we conduct a field visit to the organization to validate that the project nominated meets Madad selection criteria. Afterward, a service agreement is signed with the organization to put the approved project on Madad platform.

What are the methods of payment?

Currently we have cash on delivery service, and contribution collection points.

How does the money get to the project?

All contributions are processed through a secure third-party courier service, or our authorized collection points; Afterwards, all funds raised for a project are sent to the organization along with an online record for all completed donation requests.

The portal ensures full transparency over the funds to all parties involved

Does Madad charge a fee to use the site?

Service is provided free of charge to users of the site. To take advantage of all website services, the user must create a personal account here.

What happens after a successful project campaign ends?

Once the fundraising is completed, the project will be showcased as successfully funded. Those who have participated in supporting the cause will then receive updates of the projects execution progress at various milestones of completion. To others they will learn once the project is completed on ground within the project description page.

What are donation options?

Donation options are the preselected amounts that have been designated for projects. For example, EGP 50 can provide 2 days’ worth of health school meal for one student. Donation options help donors get a tangible sense of how their contributions will be used. Please keep in mind that you aren’t required to pick a donation option, as we welcome any donation over EGP 50; just enter the amount you’d like to contribute in the box labeled "Other Amount."

It is also important to know that when you donate to a project through Madad, your donation will always be directed to that project and its defined activities. You will receive regular updates throughout the implementation of your chosen project.

Payment Channels
What are the payment gateways supported on the platform?

We strive to provide the most number of payment gateways possible; currently we are offering the following methods:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Authorized collection points

How to use the Cash on Delivery payment method?

Once the contributor choose the cash on delivery payment method, he/she will have to fill in his/her personal information and select the appropriate time to send the courier. You will have an opportunity to review your contribution before proceeding. Click “Proceed”. For the contribution request to go through, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number, once your mobile phone is verified, your contribution order will be dispatched and the NGO donation receipt will be sent to you.

How to use the collection point method?

Once the contributor choose the collection point method, he/she will have to select the closest collection point available and the appropriate time to visit it to pay the contribution. You will have an opportunity to review your contribution before proceeding. Click “Proceed”. For the contribution request to go through, you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number, once your mobile phone is verified, your contribution order will be dispatched and you will receive a call to confirm your request.

Your Account
How do I reset my password?

For security reasons, we are unable to access your password, but it is very easy for you to reset it yourself. Click the link in the top right hand corner of our site that says "Login." When you do, click "Forgot your password?" and enter the e-mail address associated with your Madad account then. Our system will then send you a temporary password to log into your account allowing you choose a new password for your account.

How do I find a record of the donations I’ve made?

When contributing to a project through your account in Madad, we will ask you to share some information with us, like your name and email address, so we can create a profile for you. This profile will allow you to keep track of your giving history and access project updates.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account as long as you are account if not for an organization with projects on the platform. Organizations account must remain active. Contact us at support@madad.com.eg to cancel your account.

The website is in Beta version 1.0; your feedback will help us refine our platform to make it better for you and others.
Please send us your feedback at  feedback@madad.com.eg