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  • User Responsibilities
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  • Cancellation of user agreement



    Welcome to Madad.com website. These terms and conditions “Terms and Conditions” will be applied to the website and all of its sections, pages and supplementary websites.

    When you visit our website, you must agree with the current terms and conditions of Madad Investment Company. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not use this website. Administrators reserve the right to make changes or additions to these terms and conditions as they see fit at any time. These changes will be applicable when published on the website without the need for prior notification. Please review Terms and Conditions regularly to view any changes. Your continued use of the website after these changes implies your acceptance to these changes.


    Using the website

    (Explaining Madad’s activities and goals and categorizing users as (user, client, NGO responsible)

    You can browse the content on the website without registering. But as a requirement for using certain services, you may need to register by choosing a username and password to use when you enter the website.


    User Responsibilities

    When you register for the website for the first time you will be asked to provide personal information and choose a username and password. When the registration process is complete you become a member of the website and will have agreed to the following:

    • You are responsible of maintaining the secrecy of your login information and password and designation the persons allowed to the website using your login info. You also understand that you are required to inform Madad of any unauthorized use of your login information.
    • You are accountable for using the website responsibly and you are obliged to reimburse Madad for any direct or indirect losses due to any illegal or prohibited use of the website or any truthful, legal use of website services and activties by you or by a person who has access to your account with your consent or without it.
    • You agree to sharing personal information that is accurate, updated and complete as designated in the registration page on madad.com.eg
    • You are responsible for keeping your registered information updated, accurate and complete, and if this information is not updated, accurate and complete or violates this user agreement, the website administrators reserve the right to discontinue, limit or cancel your membership, without affecting any other legal rights for Madad for compensation.
    • In the case of non- compliance to in of the above terms, Mada has the right to discontinue or cancel your membership and block you from using the website. Madad also reserves the right to cancel any transactions that are unconfirmed or for which a have gone through a long period of inactivity.


    User Participation

    Any participation on the website including but not limited to questions, comments and suggestions from now on designated as “Particpation” become Madad’s exclusive property, and does no longer in any way belong to you. When you participate in any form you are giving us the right to use your comment or suggestion and your user name which is associated with it. You are prohibited from using false email addresses or using misleading information in any way when participating on the website or any third party site. We also reserve the right to remove any participation or change it.

    Any information, ideas or opinions published on the site by users are not necessarily the views of the website. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any information including opinions and views published on the site by users or any charges, damages or losses incurred by the use of this information.

    If you participate with any information on the website, and you agree that we have the right to use this information in any way we see fit without any compensation to you or any other persons, you are agreeing to refrain from the following acts:

    • Intimidation, slander, harassment, threats or bullying of any other user
    • Violating another users privacy policy
    • Sharing any slanderous comments about other users, institutions involved in projects and institutions involved in investment activities
    • Sharing inappropriate language, including and not limited to insults or any other inappropriate language we deem unfit
    • Sharing any information we feel shows political opinions or goes against the public good
    • Sharing any registered trademarks or copyrighted materials or Intellectual property without required permission
    • Organizing or carrying out directly or indirectly any raffles or lotteries or any similar activities for charity purposes or any other purposes
    • Sharing of any information that may negatively affect the performance of computers and networks(like viruses and other software) or any other damaging information on the website
    • Advertisements for selling any services or goods


    Registered trademarks and publishing rights

    Madad’s name, any services or activities offered by Madad, designated on the website Madad.com.eg or any other correspondence from Madad, serve as registered trademarks of the Madad investment company.

    All intellectual property, registered or not, on the website, or any content or information or deigns on the website or owned by Madad investment company, including but not limited to, text, pictures, software, designs, charts, videos, music, sounds, menus, tables of contents, and section headers and the way they are organized.In addition all content is protected according to the copyright laws of the Arab republic of Egypt and international conventions, all rights reserved. The rights to content described above are extended to but are not limited to NGOs using the website, and this content should not be used without prior approval from the owner.


    Limited Responsibilities

    Madad will not bear any responsibility for any decisions or interactions resulting from the client or any damages, costs or losses or expenses, whether directly or indirectly incurred as a result of use of the site, including but not limited to contributions to the projects presented, even if  Madad is notified prior to this occurring.

    The user acknowledges that Madad do not have any control on the world wide web and it does not bear any responsibility for any material published on it, and can be accessed through it at any time.

    Madad will not bear any responsibility any of the content of other Web sites linked to the Madad website regarding those website’s credibility, and these links should not be considered as an endorsement of any kind to those websites. Madad cannot guarantee that these websites are linked at all times and cannot control the availability of linked pages.


    Privacy Policy

    The information shared during registration and other personal information  fall under the Madad privacy policy, and we will not share personal information you provide on this site with any third party except after obtaining permission



    Any disputes or disagreements or charges arising from the interpretation of these terms and conditions their implementation, must be settled by a single arbitrator to be appointed according to the rules of the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration. The arbitrator must be a legal arbitrator well trained, with experience in the field of information technology and independent of any party to the contract. The arbitration must be in Cairo. The language to be used in the arbitration proceedings should be Arabic.

    The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding and may be transferred to any court in its jurisdiction and applied in accordance with the Arbitration Act No. 27 of 1994. Nevertheless, Madad retains the right to take the necessary measures in order to protect intellectual property rights and confidential information through judicial redress or precautionary measures issued by  specialized courts.


    The prevailing law and judicial bodies

    These terms and conditions are applied under the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt. Under it, each party agrees to appear before the judicial bodies of the official courts in the Arab Republic of Egypt and to waive any objections related to the location of these courts.


    Cancellation of user agreement

    In addition to the provisions of any legal proceedings or judicial arbitration, we may, immediately and without notice, terminate these Terms and Conditions or cancel any of your rights granted under any or all of the terms and conditions. In any case of termination of this contract, you should stop visiting the site immediately. In the case of any legal action or court decision, we may immediately cancel all passwords or other methods of accessing the account given to you, and we may reject any visit or use of this site as a whole or partially.



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