What is Madad?

How it Works

Madad is a social business that brings technology and a business mindset to the civil society, providing strategic planning and most importantly accessibility of much needed information to all stakeholders.

Madad’s mission is to support the development of Egypt in a sustainable and strategic manner by directing donations towards sustainable development causes that will have long-term impact and contribute to the development of the country. Madad aims to raise the level of transparency and accountability within the entire civil society sector helping to achieve a brighter and stronger future for Egypt.


How We Operate

Madad works on the ground to identify high impact sustainable development projects planned for by Egyptian NGOs. Madad then provides a means for those NGOs to promote their projects allowing them to focus on and expand what they do best. Through its state-of-the-art crowd-funding platform, Madad seeks to provide a directory of sustainable development projects appealing to different donors’ preferences and offer donors a gateway to financially support those projects and finally a means to track the use of their donations and the execution of the project.


How is Madad different?

Through Madad’s state of the art platform, we seeks to provide a directory of high impact sustainable development projects appealing to different donors’ preferences, a means to track and monitor NGOs projects in executing the projects once funds are collected.

We are different in many ways, like:

  • Identifying projects through a rigorous selection process
  • Create audio and visual promotional material to use in marketing selected projects
  • Showcase projects on Madad online portal and promote them in social media
  • Provide various donation channels to projects and deliver the donation to respective NGOs
  • Monitor Project progress via photography/films and report progress to donors
  • Allow donors to track their donation record

Awards and Recognitions



The website is in Beta version 1.0; your feedback will help us refine our platform to make it better for you and others.
Please send us your feedback at  feedback@madad.com.eg